17 Feb 2013 - 2013 workshops and classes

Details of this year's workshops and classes are now available online. Please note that dates, times and venues may change throughout the year - please check our workshops page regularly

01 Nov 2012 - 2012 Grading

The Vale of York T'ai Chi Qigong Association held a Grading at Sutton under Whitestonecliffe Village Hall on Saturday 27th October. Three candidates took part: Pat Tearall, who successfully gained her blue sash; Ann Morrish was presented with her red sash; and Judith Wood completed the last part of her black sash and received her final certificate. Judith was also presented with a bouquet of flowers from the group to celebrate her final grading. 

Instructor Sue Dixon was surprised and delighted to be promoted to Sifu Grade for her teaching of candidates to grading standard. The examiner was Sifu Pat Brooks who commended all candidates for their hard work in preparing for the grading and gave a special mention to Instructor Andrea Snow for her assistance and help. Family and members of the association were present to give support and congratulations to the successful candidates.

Photographs of the grading are in our picture gallery.