24 Feb 2019 - Spring update 2019

Happy belated new year to our members.

The website has been updated with this year's events and the minutes from the recent AGM. On 28th August there will be no class as this is our summer meal for members. Details will be posted nearer the time.

The extra half hour training on the first Wednesday of the month is now discontinued. We are going to trial some Saturday morning training, details and dates will follow shortly.

29 Aug 2018 - Late summer update

On July 11th we had a very good class with Grand Master Hui and Master Stuart Agars at St James Methodist Church. The first eight movements of Liu He Ba Fa Chuan Form were practiced and afterwards certificates were awarded to all the students who had taken part and showed progression with the form. Afterwards we had refreshments and everyone had a chance to talk to Grand Master Hui and ask any questions.

01 Jul 2018 - Wednesday workshop - 11th July

On Wednesday 11th July our class will be taken by Master Hui who is in the UK from Hong Kong and Stuart Agars, and will be training on the Lui He Ba Fa Chuan Form. This class is at St James Methodist Church from 7-9pm and will be class until 8.30 and then time for refreshments and time to talk to Master Hui and Stuart until 9pm.  The cost of the class will be £15.00

05 May 2018 - Spring 2018 grading

On Saturday 28th April the Vale of York T’ai Chi Association held a grading session at the village hall in Sutton under Whitestonecliffe.  Six members were graded and were awarded their new sashes after months of dedicated practice to learn the forms required for the new level.  We congratulate all taking part and wish them well  as they progress further along their T’ai Chi journey.  They were Examined by Sifu Pat Brooks, assisted by Sifu Sue Dixon.  Instructor Andrea Snow helped to prepare members for grading.  

Photo: left to right back row,  Helen Judd  Yellow Sash, Jenny Wilson Blue Sash, Margaret French Green Sash, Pat Tearall Red Sash, Christine Parkinson Green Sash and Ann Wilson Blue Sash.  Front row Sifu Pat Brooks, Sifu Sue Dixon Instructor Andrea Snow.

05 Mar 2018 - Spring update - 5 March 2018

On the first class of every month, we are including an extra half hour (20.30-21.00). This will be for free practice for anyone wishing to stay and have some time to go over forms they wish to revise. This will be charged at an extra £1.50 to cover the host of room hire