What does membership offer you?

There is a weekly Members’ evening on Wednesdays in Thirsk supervised by a qualified teacher, Sifu Pat Brooks, assisted by Sifu Sue Dixon. The venue is normally Thirsk Town Hall; exceptions for the year are listed on the Workshops page. The cost per class is £5.

Potential members are strongly advised to talk to their Sifu or Instructor, to be sure that they are ready for the less structured format of the Members’ Evening.  It is also possible if desired to “sample” the evening for a three-month trial period at a cost of £7.50 temporary membership plus the normal class fee of £5.  We want to be sure you are happy with what we have to offer.

Members receive a folder in which to keep written copies of the forms and exercises taught; which builds with time into an invaluable reference work.

Associate Membership is open to those who belong to other Tai Chi/Qigong organisations.  Associates are not eligible to vote at meetings, sit on the committee or grade. Membership can be upgraded at any time by paying the appropriate fee.

We hold a monthly class and occasional workshops on a Saturday morning. It is not necessary to attend the whole of the four-hour class; this makes it easier for those relatively new to Qigong to pace themselves.  (It should be added that there is a short break during the class, and a break and lunch break during a workshop.) The workshops are generally given by our Sifu Pat Brooks, Instructor Sue Dixon or a visiting instructor. Classes are charged by the hour and workshops by the day. A list of our workshops can be found on our Documents page. There are also occasional informal pub meals for members and a Christmas Meal to which partners are invited to cater for (no pun intended!) the developing social aspects of the club. This aspect of qigong should not be forgotten.  It is very different practising forms and exercises on your own to sharing the energy and enthusiasm present in a group and friendships can also develop as well as gaining support in learning.

There is also an opportunity to grade and thus formally landmark your progress in learning Qigong. Members can download the necessary timesheet and the grading application from from the Members area.

Club shirts in various styles are also available at a very reasonable cost.

Full membership costs £30 per year, payable by standing order, cheque or cash in January.  Standing order payments may also be made quarterly.  Those joining later in the year pay £2.50 per month or part month remaining.

A membership/renewal form, together with a copy of the Association's Constitution and Code of Ethics can be downloaded from the Documents page