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‘The perfect holistic antidote to stress, depression and other unhealthy states of mind’

BRYANT G. and JAMES L: Simply Tai Chi (book with DVD)
Basic warm-ups and a simplified form taking up little space and therefore suitable for practice at home. A beginner’s text

CHAN Jason: The Radiant Warrior Path
An inspiring and challenging book for those already on a spiritual path and wanting support or direction. Not for the faint-hearted

CHIA Mantak and Maneewan: Awaken Healing Light of the Tao (missing at present. Please return it if you find you have it)
History of qigong and its place in Chinese culture and medicine. An in depth study of the microcosmic orbit

CROMPTON Paul: T’ai Chi at Home
A basic text describing a version of Yang Style. Clear and easy to follow

DAVIES Kim: The Tai Chi Directory
Clear introduction about starting to practise.  The traditional short form devised by Chen Man-ching. Useful information

DEMOISE Caroline: The Inner Path of Tai Chi; a spiritual journey
One woman’s description of her own inner journey, yet with much helpful information based on her experience learning from Master Paul Lam, and teaching his exercises and the Sun Style

FORSTATER Michael: The Spiritual Teachings of the Tao
A readable insight into Taoism

HSUEH-LIN Tsao and THORNTON Bruce: Meridians: Using the Chinese Energy Map for Your Health
A technical book showing the meridians and their points, and the health applications

KHOR Gary: Living Chi
‘The ancient Chinese way to bring life energy and harmony into your life’

KIT Wong Kiew: The Art of Chi Kung
Explains what chi kung is, its principles and philosophy and how it works. Plenty of exercises with illustrations

LAM Master Kam Chuen: The Way of Energy
Zhan Zhuang, or Standing Like a Tree, with many exercises, as well as illustrations and poetry

MCKENZIE Eleanor: Chi Kung
Basic exercises, meditations and practices specifically to help different conditions

ROCHFORD Matthew: Total Tai Chi
Lavishly illustrated comparison of styles with easy to follow warm-up exercises and forms

SKINNER Stephen: Feng Shui: the Traditional Way to Enhance Your Life (book and feng shui compass)
If you are interested and have little knowledge of ui this is a useful starting point

TSE Michael: Qigong for Health and Vitality
History and philosophy, with many clearly shown exercises


Loans of DVDs are conditional on not copying them - copies of the Harmony series are sold to support a charitable fund and Pat has originals to sell should you wish to retain a personal disc

CHAN Jason: Infinite Chi Kung for Health
The Golden Sun and Spirals in the Air exercises

CHAN Jason: Infinite Tai Chi for Beginners
A warm up routine followed by the three stages of the Long Form

CHAN Jason: Infinite Tai Chi for Health
Gentle warm up exercises followed by the Infinite Tai Chi Short Form

New: CHEN Zhenglei and LIMING Yue: Silk Reeling Energy
Good preparation for Chen Style

New: LIMING Yue: 11 Form for Beginners
The form as taught to us by Stuart Agars

ROCHFORD Matthew: Qi Gong
Moving meditation, with sections on Daoyin, acupoints and self-massage


BLOOOM William: The Endorphin Effect
Core strategies of effective and accessible mind-body healthcare. Simple exercises supporting physical and psychological health

CHAN Jason: Infinite Meditation
‘A sacred gift offered to those committed to pursuing their unique spiritual path.’

CHAN Jason: Seven Stages to Spiritual Enlightenment
‘Eventually the whole of mankind will achieve enlightenment. These insights are shared to reignite the spirit of Truth.’

CHAN Jason: Whole Life Journey for Abundance
‘Through many years of devotion to his personal inner spiritual journey, Jason reveals the wisdom, joy, love and peace Life waits to share with us.’

Other media

COHEN Ken: the Practice of Qigong Meditation and Healing
Five audio cassettes, Introduction to Qigong, Healing the Body, Therapeutic Qigong, Balancing the Emotions, Spiritual Qigong

COHEN Ken: Qigong: Traditional Exercises for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
A VHS including basics, stretching and moving to enhance qi flow, self-massage, healing sounds, walking meditation and much more

EYEWITNESS VISUAL DICTIONARIES: The visual Dictionary of the Human Body
Useful physiology handbook

FOREIGN LANGUAGES PRESS BEIJING: Standard Meridian Points of Acupuncture
Set of charts showing names and locations of meridians and acupoints on the front, back and lateral sides of the body