It is possible to practise Qigong in loose-fitting clothing of almost any type, though trousers and a sweatshirt or T-shirt are the most practical garments. You should be able to move freely, without restriction caused by your garments. Any footwear should be flat; T’ai Chi pumps are available but most of our members prefer to practise in either bare feet or socks as they find it helps with balance.

The traditional T’ai Chi garment is the Jifu, as worn by Alan and Pat.  Should you decide to grade with the Association, you will need to purchase one of these.

For our weekly meetings and monthly classes, most of us choose to wear Association clothing as illustrated.  This is available via your class teacher


Polo shirt with embroidered logo

Sizes: Small to Extra Large

Also available in white

Price: £10 Members




T–shirt with embroidered logo

Sizes: Small to Extra Large

Price: £7 Members





Sweatshirt without ribbing

Side slits and embroidered logo

Sizes: Small to Extra Large

Price: £15 Members




Embroidered logo – close-up





Sew-on badge for Jifus and fleeces

100mm diameter

Price: £2.50 Members





Example of lady’s fleece with sew-on badge

We can attempt to get fleeces for you, but cannot guarantee the price or style. Alternatively, buy your own plain fleece in black and purchase the sew-on badge from us